Haritha Kanda Camping – Bogawanthalawa

Haritha kanda - Sri lanka

Haritha Kanda (හරිත කන්ද) is a beautiful mountain situated Boagawanthalawa Sri Lanka which is very famous destination among hikers. There are so  many one day  hikes being organised for this location & some hikers call this place “Mini New Zealand”. 

Haritha kanda is a great place for a beginner to start hiking and have first experience of camping.

Summarized hiking guide as follows,

  • RouteColombo >  Avissawella > Kithulgala >Ginigathhena > Bogawanthalawa > bogawana estate 

Once you arrived to Bagowanthalawa, Just check with a threewheel driver. They know the exact location where hike starts. They even guide if you asked to.

  • Transport – Bike, Threeweel, Public transport
  • Weather Windy and misty

Mornings are very cold and make sure you carry cloths for cold weather.

  • Water – Water sources available around but always recommend to bring  drinking water or filter. 

Hike is about 45mins long and there is a clear path. You can ask directions from locals.below are some of the photos taken along the way to camping site.

On the way to the camping point
View of Bogawanthalawa town

After the hike you will arrive to the location with breathtaking mountain view. literally this place is looks like New Zealand. 

Jaw dropping side view of Haritha Kanda

Haritha kanda has three camping locations and you may find the location in google maps.

Location 01 – https://goo.gl/maps/DRCfno8b15h2xfpA8

Location 02 – https://goo.gl/maps/5uZWsGuRAQCvu7tE9

Location 03 – https://goo.gl/maps/Ly47B8zHT3V6P8mP8

If you need camping tents for this hike to collect from Colombo just speak to Dilshan 0758290083. Visit https://campinglanka.com/shop

If you need someone to guide and handle the whole trip speak to Kavinda via 072 379 0272  

Find some more photos of Haritha Kanda below,

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