Checklist for Hiking & Camping Beginners

01 - Destination

Decide the destination you wish to go first and gather information from sources such as forums, review websites & google about the location. Be thorough with the route with landmarks and surroundings of the destination.

02 - Team

Get your team gathered for the hike. We always recommend hiking with a team than solo hiking.

03 - Backpack

Planing your backpack is essentials for a hike. All necessities should be available in your backpack.

You should keep the balance between weight and items you carry for the hike. below is the item checklist for your information.

  • Clothes (Depend on the weather)
  • Water Bottle & Small water filter 
  • Lights/torch & Fire matches/lighter
  • Knife
  • First aids
  • Something to stay away from leechers and mosquitoes
  • Power-bank to keep your communication live
  • Rope

04 - Hiking Gears

Selecting the best hiking accessories are very important to have a good hiking experience. Below are the some of gears you might need for the hike & camping.

  • Camping tent – If you wish to camp at the destination make sure you selected the right camping tent. we always recommend the branded camping tents to carry such as Coleman™.
  • Sleeping Bags – It’s really necessary to have sleeping bags if your destination is a cold place. Further, Don’t forget to bring a pair of socks to wear at night.
  • Gas stove – Use butane powered gas stoves for your meal preparation. which are easy to carry and firepower is high.
  • Hiking Pole – This item will be really helpful to climb up with less effort. If you cant find a hiking pole, just find a branch of a tree.
  • Camping Light – The campfire will not be enough to manage your works around the campsite at night.


05 - Foods

Selecting foods might be tricky for hiking and camping, The purpose should be to survive rather than indulge yourself. you need much more energy and carbohydrate-rich foods should be at the top of your list.
Avoid meat products if you can, It will attract some animals at night.

3 thoughts on “Checklist for Hiking & Camping Beginners”

  1. Cdr. Prasad Vithanage

    Nice article. Same time , consider followings as well when you are going for camping/hiking or trekking.

    # Select the dress as appropriate to the terrain and climate. Shorts and t shirts are comfortable but knee guarded light pants and light weight long sleeve t shirts are more safe and ready for any terrain.

    # Wear an appropriate shoes like mountain boots/ Camping shoes. Never wear jogging shoes or other sport shoes for treaking, Camping or Hiking. You will lose your grip and lead to accidents.

    # Recommended to carry a hiking pole all times, which gives a better hold/grip on climbing and descending as well.

    # Carry your personal medicine you need or ur frequently taking with you .

    # Carry something like Bongo, Congo drum will make you entertain at Night near bonfire and will be a great experience under the moon and stars.

    # Always select a double layer , light weight tent. If it wind proof that will be better.

    # If need a pillow to sleep, can carry a Air pillow which can blow when you need.

    # Carry a solar charging power bank and you can charge it attaching to your Back pack while you are walking in day time.

    # There are dynamo charging torches and lanterns in the market, which will free you from carrying additional batteries or heavy rechargeable torches/ lanterns.

    # Carry a LED rechargeable/ battery powered head light, which is a definite need to keep your hands free at night.

    # Dont forget to carry personal first aid Kit, with Some balm, plasters , a bandage, anti bacterial cream etc.

    # You can attach caramel back to your back pack which make you more lighter by avoid carrying water bottles.

    # Packing the back pack is an art , read some articles available in net which make you easy. First needy thing on top and others then onwards as per use. Toiletries on outer pocket, slippers/shoes on the shoe compartment etc.

    # Make you Back pack much as light weight. Carry only essentials.

    These are very few tips, I remembered as now.

    Happy Camping.

    1. Dear Prasad,

      Thank you for the comments on the article and appreciate the time taken.

      We will further update the article ASAP.

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