Dethanagala (දෙතනගල) Mountain Hike – Balangoda

Dethanagala  is one of the highest mountain which can be seen to Balangoda town. Mountain is located about 40-50km away from the town between Balangoda – Hatton road.

Hike is not easy compared to other hikes and not much popular among the hikers in Sri Lanka.

Below is the summarised guide for the hike.

Location Balangoda – Sri Lanka
Transport Public / Van / Car / Threeweel
Accommodation Camping
Route Colombo > Balangoda > Pinnawala > Marathenna > Dethanagala Peak
Weather Misty & Windy
Water Available nearby the first Camping Location and not on the peak.
Other Notes * Make sure bring something stay away from lechers
* Hike is hard and recommend to carry a rope.
* Ask directions from locals
* Always stick to the existing footstep paths
* Skip rainy days.

Trip started from below location and there is a Dolomite Factory.

If you are travelling via your personal vehicle just speak to villager and get arranged parking. Below is where we started the hike. from this point you will enter to the tea state.

This is how you can see the Dethanagala peak for the tea state.

You will find the road to the end of tea state. Ask directions from villagers. at the top end of tea state  you should enter to the jungle.

You will find below statue on the way to tea state end.

Enter to the jungle from below location, you will find the way up. Always follow the foot steps.

Walk through the jungle and there will be leachers, Always a bring a bottle of salt or Detol to stay away from them.

There are places where you will have to climb like this.

After about 2 hour hike you will find the first camping site with the big water stream. its ideal for the camping , but the you wont see the view as the place is covered by trees.

Dethanagala has two peaks , after about one hour hike from the first camping location you will find two seprate paths to left & right side peaks. We took the right side peak and below is the drone video of our hike with the amazing view.

If you neeed camping tents for this hike just speak to Dilshan 0778290043. They will arrange tents from Balangoda or colombo as your requirement.0758290083

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