Camping foods – Comprehensive list of options

It’s a most asked question, what are the foods that we should bring for camping? and definitely the hardest part when planning a camping trip.

In Sri Lanka, the options we have are limited therefore hereby we suppose to list down some of the best and common foods that hikers take when camping.

  • Instant Noodles

Yes, its the food almost all campers select at first, they always have instant noodle packets in their bags. Take cup noodles which will make further simplify the cooking process. Bring some eggs too.

  • Sausages and meats

Having a BBQ is something compulsory for the camping night unless it’s prohibited in the camping ground. Chicken and pork are the best for BBQ.

When you are packing the meat make sure to marinate it and also be sure that you have enough charcoal to get the job done.

  • Manioc / Cassava , Sweet potato, potato, Carrot, Corn

This is another food idea for campers. You can either Boil these or BBQ by covering from foil. These are very tasty and will make your meal perfect.

  • Instant coffee, tea

If your destination is a cold area, you need a hot sip of tea or coffee to keep your body warm and we bet you that the taste you had will never forget.

  • Bread

Either for a main meal or for snack bread is one another good and easy camping food option. you can take Jam, Butter, Curry, Nutella or sauce with bread.

  • Rice and curry / Fried Rice

Some enjoy the rice and curry more than anything. But it’s a tough job to cook rice and curry in a camping trip since it involves so many ingredients and cooking wears. But taking Pre cooked canned foods will make this job easy.

  • Pol rotti or Parata

You will have to do some home works if you wish to have Pol Rotti at your camping site. Take the dough prepared from the home. Making parata is much easy than Pol rotti. There are parata packs to buy from supermarkets and they are really delicious.

  • Other snacks

Definitely snacks will keep you filled until the main meal. These are some of the snack ideas for available for us in Sri Lanka.

  1. Biscuits
  2. Peanuts
  3. Red Bull
  4. Fruit nectar
  5. carbonated drinks
  6. Samaposha

In addition to all the above foods, take proper cooking wears to prepare your meals and check our inventory as well if you need any product for rent.

Please share your ideas at below comments section. If you are a beginner on camping check our article on basic here.

Happy Camping

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