Best drone for hiking and camping adventures

The Internet has a heap of articles and videos on selecting the best drone. Selecting a drone for adventures is tricky since it involves some extra factors to consider.

Its a dream for a traveler to have a drone in their backpack.

Drone photography and videography definitely will add some extra value to your adventure with some jaw-dropping shots.

Check below articles for our drone videos.

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Hiking backpack must be weight low and each gram we add matters. Having a smaller drone is the best choice for adventures. There are drones from weight starting from 100g to purchase from the market.

Package Size
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Having a big package even with a low weight is difficult to handle for hiking or camping unless we travel via vehicle. Drones such as DJI Phantom, Xiaomi MI comes with big backpacks and not suitable for the purpose like hiking.

However, currently manufactures have focused on small and low weight drones.

Battery Life
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Drone flying time last from 10min to 30Min depending on the drone and battery capacity. Check for the drone which gives longer flying time and cost of extra batteries also matters.

If you already an owner of a drone make sure to read the manufacture manual and follow the guidelines given on batteries to achieve long durability.

Automatic Flight Modes
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Drones come with automatic flight modes for easy manoeuvring. Having a vast range of Automatic flight modes will definitely help you to have amazing shots.

Check below video on DJI Mavic Air flight modes.

Signal Range
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Signal transmission range vary drone to drone. Mid-range Drones will have 2 Km of transmission control ability. Refer the YouTube on drones range testings for more details.

Laws & Regulations
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There are strict laws & regulations involved with the Drone flying in every country. In Sri Lanka, its governed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Read this for more information

Safety Features
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Adventures always involve tough conditions and having extra safety features will keep you and your drone safe. There are so many safety features inbuilt in to drones such as

  • Automatic return-to-home feature – Drone return to take-off point if they lose contact with their controllers or reach low battery levels
  • Obstacle avoiding systems
  • GPS-based geofencing that alerts pilots to restricted airspace.

DJI is the leading drone manufacturer in the world and DJI Spark and DJI Mavic product ranges can be recommended for adventures. Further, there are some other manufactures too. Below are some of the best drones suitable to take adventures.

5. DJI Spark1080p2km16min
4. Hubsan Zino4K4km22min
3. DJI Mavic Mini2.7K4km30min
2. Autel EVO4K7km30min
1. DJI Mavic Pro 24K8km30min

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