Trincomalee 6 Famous Tourist Places

This article may be off-topic because our blog is dedicated to camping-related articles. But we thought of sharing our experience at Trincomalee Tourist Places after a few visits we had. Hope you will be able to plan the Trincomalee trip completely by reading this article.

Sunrise in the morning captured on the way to Trincomalee.

Trincomalee is one major travel attraction in Sri Lanka and is highly famous among local and foreign travellers. The History of Trincomalee is worth reading and you can find more details from Wikipedia.

01 Koneshwaram Temple

A Hindu pilgrimage centre surrounded by jaw-dropping sea views. This place is built on high ground and you can see the surroundings better. you must visit Koneshwarm temple if you are visiting Trincomalee.

02 Fish Market

Not a much famous place among travellers. But definitely, it’s worth seeing how big the market is and what they got. it’s a very good place to buy fresh seafood at a cheap price. The place is crowded in the mornings with buyers from different areas.

03 Nilaweli Beach

As the name implies (Blue Sand), Nilaweli Beach is another amazing beach in Sri Lanka. It’s mandatory to visit Nilawali if your destination is Trincomalee. This beach is about 4km long and you can see the Pigeon island from the east. November to May is the best to visit Nilaweli.

04 Pigeon Island National Park

One of the two marine national parks in Sri Lanka, Situated off the coast of Nilwali Beach.

This island is really beautiful & worth exploring. Coral reef reaming around the island is astonishing and one of the best places to have some snorkelling experience.

If you wish to visit the island, reserve a boat service before the trip and make sure they do take visitors to the island. Ticket for the boat will be around 2,000 – 4,000 depending on the boat size and how long they wait for you.

05 Marble Beach

Marble Beach is another fine beach In Trincomalee and you can enjoy the sea peacefully. Marble Beach Airforce Resort is famous among local & foreign travellers.

06 Sri Lanka Navy Museum

Another place we should not miss during your Trincomalee visit. Sri Lanka Navy Museum is a maritime museum located at Trincomalee. this is a must-visit place in Trincomalee. There you might need to buy tickets at the entrance and no prior approval is needed. But, please make sure the museum is open during holidays before you go there.

Visit the Sri Lanka Navy website for more details.

06 Navy camp boat Ride

This boat ride operates from May to October every year and never ever miss this adventure if you are visiting Trincomalee.

You can get the booking done by calling the Navy head, office and general cruse fees as of today are given below (03.08.2020).

Local passenger – LKR. 3500/=
Foreign passenger – US$ 60
Children (6- 12 years – Local) – LKR. 2000/=
Children (6- 12 years – Foreign) – US$ 30
Children (below 6 years)(Local & Foreign) – Free

Check the below link for comprehensive details.

You have come to the end of the article Of Trincomalee Tourist Places and please let us have your experience below in the comments.

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