How to survive wild animal attacks

When it comes to camping definitely you have to deal with the wildlife. there are so many animal attacks incidents being reported around Sri Lanka.

As a camper, you should have a basic understanding of how we should face such scenarios. Hope this article might help you.


Bull coming after a Human

Bulls react to the movement and not to the red or any other colour. if a bull is running at you, stay straight.

Use your hat or other cloths have at hand as bait. when the animal runs up close enough throw the thing as far away from you as possible. the bull will change the direction and follow the objects’ direction.



Most snakes are neither dangerous nor poisonous, people get 80% of their bites trying to catch this reptile.

If you notice a snake is following you, stomp your feet. the vibration will confuse the snake and snake will let you be.

Use the hiking pole. snakes can feel the vibration well and they will go away from your path.

Jelly Fish

Jelly fish attacks

A jellyfish burn brings a long-lasting nagging ache. some people believe peeing on the damaged surface can relieve the pain but it’s just a myth.

Immediately after the burn, wash the surface with clean saltwater. Use a pair of tweezers or a stick to remove the remaining parts of the jellyfish away.



The jaws of these animals are the strongest in the Planet. In this case, breaking you is a piece of cake for them.

If you being grabbed, hit the eyes or throat. The eyes and throat are the most sensitive areas of this animal.

If you notice that predator is crawling towards you make as much as noise and run in a zigzag.

If you saw a crocodile during swimming do not create splashes or shout, it will attract unwanted attention. try to be quite as much you and swim away.



Elephants are clear and quite a friendly animal but they are known to attack people. if you came across an elephant pay attention to their body language.

If their trunk is curled and ears are pulled back it means they are going to attack you.

  • Try to find something to become a barrier between you and the elephant.
  • Immediacy moves out from the location but do not run in any case.
  • Do not go near to baby elephants.

Above are the few tips for you to keep in your mind. if you have any other tips to share please let us have your comments below.

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